Microsoft Office 2011 and the Me contact

If you deploy Microsoft Office 2011 from a central repository and have your macbooks/mini's/imac enrolled in Active Directory, you may find some puzzling results when your users send you emails. When a new user signs into the macbook with his Active Directory credentials, his account is created on the fly (assuming you've deployed your topology... Continue Reading →

Latest Jetstress Field Guide

JetStress is a fantastic tool for Exchange testing and benchmarking. It can be daunting though and needs a fair amount of understanding. This latest field guide from the Exchange Team is mandatory reading.

Storage market continuous change

The storage market has to be the most unsettled it's been in years. The wide variety of storage vendors, with good independents is a shrinking landscape. The power plays and buy outs makes for some very careful decisions if you're about to buy storage. My short advice is be careful and if you can..wait it out.

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