Cisco (Tandberg) EX90 stuck in maintenance mode boot cycle

EX-90 in Maintenance mode.

Our eval kit EX90 rebooted during a jpg background upload, the file size limit for these is 2Mb, and I had select a 900kb file to do the company logo. When the machine came back up, it was in maintenance mode, suggesting 3 options of action: Restart, Factory rest or Software Upgrade.

I instantly restarted the machine, same situation. I powered it off, same situation. I removed the power altogether, same situation.

I contacted our Cisco rep for help. We didn’t want to factory reset it as we had put some considerable effort into it to configure the content channel for data (screen sharing AV etc). We decided to proceed with a software upgrade as we were 1 point behind the current release 7.1.3 and that wouldn’t affect any licensing. Downloading the file as always with cisco requires CCO download rights which we no longer have( cheers cisco, that’s frustrating when it requires the licence anyway, without it the download is useless!).

I opted to upload the package (pkg file) and auto load it. The screen goes to a predictable ‘this may take some time’ etc etc and then the browser timed out on me about 5 minutes in. I reloaded the page only to be presented with a log-in challenge again. I logged in and luckily the file had uploaded but had not been upgraded.

I proceeded with the upgrade, which took about 4 minutes, do file verification and various checks. Again after 2 reboots, the EX90 came up in maintenance mode.

There was only 1 option left, factory reset. This again took 2 reboots, the control surface taking the longest to complete. At this point it came up with a configuration menu and we were back to a configurable unit. We then painstakingly re-configured it all and we were back.

Faced with the situation again, I would instantly go for the factory reset with the current software as I don’t believe the software upgrade did anything to assist.

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