Communicator 2011 13.1.2 Release – Lion patch at last

As many of you who have upgraded to Lion in either beta, GM (Gold Master seed) or the release version will know, if you were/are running Communicator 2011 and patched it under Snow Leopard to anything other than 13.0.0 (release version) then you’ll know it crashes as soon as you message someone (or they message you) once you were running Lion.
The ‘solution’ to this was to roll back to 13.0.0 which is pretty messy to be honest, and with Lion having been around for a while most of us expected the patch to have followed the release VERY closely.

Anyway, all that said, Microsoft have released the patch, download it here.

However take note of the kb, pre reqs:Before you install the Communicator 2011 13.1.2 Update, make sure that the computer is running Mac OS X v10.5.8 or a later version of the Mac OS X operating system.
In other words, if you’re running the pre-release, GM or the full release, AND have regressed your Communicator 2011 install to 13.0.0 then the upgrade won’t work. A neat guideline is that if Microsoft Autoupdate doesn’t ‘find’ it, then you’ll get an install error like this

Install fails on Lion pre-release
Thanks for the image Nick!

This is pre-release btw. To resolve this error make sure you install the ‘broken’ 13.1.x version update first, THEN the patch will install.

This is made clear in the KB : Additionally, you must install Microsoft Communicator for Mac 13.1.0 Update or a later update before you install the Communicator for Mac 13.1.2 Update.

Successful install of Communicator2011-13.1.2

So to recap, the patch will install on pretty much any version of Lion or Snow Leopard(tested), but you must have patched Communicator to 13.1.0 minimum for it to install. If you regressed your install to 13.0.0, then patch it again, THEN install 13.1.2. Easy way to do this is let AutoUpdate work for you.

Anyway good news for a lot of folk who have put their money into Communicator/Lync etc, justifying the spend on these products is tough enough without having to explain to CEO’s that you’re waiting for a patch and have to roll them back to an inferior version (no screen share, EDGE etc)

Oh and connecting via EDGE … If you’re running Snow Leopard  it still works with 13.1.2… Currently testing it on Lion, I’ve had 2 successes and 1 fail, so far I’m going with it still works! good news.

I know it’s life on the leading edge, but still, come on Microsoft, keep up!

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