OCS 2007 R2 XMPP to Google federation failing

I've been spending some time getting the Microsoft OCS2007R2 XMPP gateway working. In essence, it provides OCS users with Jabber/XMPP connectivity outside of the organisation. Nominally, we want to use it to connect to Google, so GTalk/gmail/googlemail users. We could of course use it to connect to others via stds based XMPP, jabber.org users etc.... Continue Reading →

CUCIMOC ldap tribulations

I have spent the best part of 3 weeks wrestling with CUCIMOC. It's fair to say I haven't been the biggest supporter of this particular piece of software during this time. I respect the feature set, but I can dial a colleague with almost as few clicks on the handset as easily as I can... Continue Reading →

Check the basics

You live and learn, my Dad always said it to me as a kid. As ever, it's true. I'd spent an annoying 2 hours last night going over and over settings of an OCS Edge server, I'd re-run the setup, and found nothing to modify/add/change, I'd checked certificates a couple of times. Reboots of clients... Continue Reading →

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