Communicator 2011 Mac connect via Edge? Yes!

I honestly haven’t found a straight answer to this question. Does it connect via Edge or not?

Well, the short answer is yes! When I first installed Office it was almost a surprise when it installed a mac version of Communicator, pleasantly surprised too. I installed it, got it working on the lan and then jumped on a train armed with my 3G dongle. I fired it all up got Outlook connected without vpn and duly then expected Communicator to work. It didn’t.

I know that the Windows version was working fine, so I was confident I had no SRV funnies. I went to the forums/technet/support/google and found no answer, only some other folk asking similar questions. I loaded my vpn tunnel and presto, communicator connected. I tried again and again, on various internet connections, plain dsl etc, it didn’t work. I came to the conclusion it wasn’t in the feature set. Most answers in forums were to offer vpn, this just seemed a backward step and unnecessary admin overhead

Last week I installed the latest patch for Communicator 2011 (13.1.0 (101123)) and nosed around the desktop sharing feature and wrote my article on it here. I encouraged my colleagues and team to install the patch also. The following day, Nick in my team was working at home and left me a message to say he’d signed in via Edge!

Being the unbelieving pessimist I am, I had to see it for myself, I fired up 3G and presto, it took a little time, but it signed in over Edge on 443.

So, yes, it works, but only on the latest patch.

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  1. I have Microsoft Communicator 2011 for Mac (13.1.2 (110722)). When I am traveling it works fine in airports, hotels, etc. It also works fine with my Sprint wifi card. When I am in my home office using Comcast cable internet service, it doesn’t work. If I log in to my company’s VPN it starts working.

    So I seem to have isolated the problem to being something to do with the Comcast internet service. Comcast, however, has NO clue whatsoever about any of this. They are useless and I have spent hours holding and calling and holding and calling to no avail.


    1. You could try using DNS from elsewhere, even try OpenDNS. Sounds like Comcast have got some kind of limits on what DNS lookups they allow, or they’ve not got a full table, who knows. To my mind it’s their DNS you get given, if it works elsewhere, then it’s working correctly! Try using the 2 opendns addresses and see how you get on?


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