Microsoft Communicator for Mac 2011 13.1 Update

Microsoft have released a patch for Communicator 2011 for Mac (13.1.0) Essentially it’s the addition of desktop sharing. I think I’m more pleased about the fact there is obviously work going into this client than I am about the actual addition 🙂

The Microsoft article on this can be read here

The install is 122Mb, so it’s no small update, I suspect it’s pretty much a rework of the client overall. The most obvious feature after logging in is the ‘Share Desktop’ button in the top bar.

Clicking it gives you a list of all your contacts with their status in brackets. Selecting a user brings up a security prompt telling you if you proceed, the recipient will be able to see your entire desktop.

Security challenge

You click OK, and the recipient is then prompted to accept, you can see that below.

As soon as they accept, your screen is shared, now realise this is the ENTIRE screen and isn’t selectable for any single app, you know it’s shared as it’s surrounded by a bright green border. Ending this session is simple, just click the button to ‘Stop sharing’.

Considering that other MS apps like Live etc (admittedly on Windows) have the option to pick a specific application/window to share, it’s a little basic and I’ll admit to being disappointed. However, it’s a step in the right direction.

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