Office for Mac 2011 14.1 Update

SP1 for Office 2011 was released on the 12th April(12/04/2011), today was my first moment to give it a look over.

Office 2011 SP1

The main thing I was after was the addition of Exchange server side rule manipulation. I’ve had a few questions about this from fellow members of staff, they adopted Outlook for Mac to replace Entourage or Mail.App etc and have had to keep a Windows Outlook session on hand to manipulate rules.

I went straight to the rules section, and got this:

Exchange 2001 Rules fail

Looks like I’ll jhave to press on with that Exchange 2010 upgrade! 1 step forward, 2 back.

Another addition is the ability to resend a mail, so far it was a faff, having to either forward/reply your mail and edit the content and subject line accordingly to make it look like a fresh mail. The ‘Resend’ option is now available on the Message menu and the right-click context menu.

Resend option in Outlook 2011

For more detail on what fixes are in the service pack, look here. To download the file, it’s here

I’ve not paid too much attention to what is updated in Word, Powerpoint and Excel, I’m a pretty basic user of them all, so long as spell check and SUM work, I’m pretty covered ;).

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