Office Service Pack 14.2 – yes please!

Microsoft's latest update for Office 2011 is great, some really significant improvements for Outlook especially. Yes, there are improvements for Word and PowerPoint and some bits and pieces for all apps in terms of improved document handling and Lion features, for me Outlook is the biggy. For me it was the Outlook stuff that made... Continue Reading →

Latest Jetstress Field Guide

JetStress is a fantastic tool for Exchange testing and benchmarking. It can be daunting though and needs a fair amount of understanding. This latest field guide from the Exchange Team is mandatory reading.

Office for Mac 2011 14.1 Update

Microsoft released the first service pack for Office 2011 for Mac. There's not a host of noticeable changes, most of the work is under the hood a few security holes sewn up etc. Here's my initial pass focussing on Outlook.

Service Pack Caution

Service Packs on Microsoft operating systems can cause as much havoc as they can resolve, just be cautious and don't rush to install them straight away.

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