FLX 280 Unresponsive in Santricity

Weird SAN issue today. I got an alert from the storage monitor I have running which says

Node ID: Unnamed
Host IP Address: 
Host ID: Out-of-Band
Event Error Code: 2823
Event occurred:
Event Message: Drive by-passed
Component type: Drive
Component location: Tray 2, Slot 8

Shortly after this, Santricity became unresponsive. Nothing we did could make it come back. We tried to console in via the  port, but there was no response from it either. I made a call to a friend at Sun, who said this ‘can’ happen with a drive in by-pass, and it’s because both A and B controller have to fail the drive and this can take up all of the processor in doing so. You can shortcut this by just hauling the disk out manually, but it will then make the MEL (major event log) complain for ages.

Interestingly we’d had a disk fail a few days before on this array, which was a standard type disk failure. I pulled this failed disk out, which instantly caused the bypass disk to complete its fail and return that disk as failed. As soon as this happened, the gui returned as if nothing had happened.

Best replace those disks then.

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