Sun Storagetek and VMWare

Anyone who deals with Sun/Storagetek SAN hardware will know all about firmware upgrades and firmware versioning. It's tricky to get the right level for you at the right time, and of course just like any firmware, there's always a newer one to fix bugs you'll "probably" never have. At the same time, there are also... Continue Reading →

OCS 2007 R2 XMPP to Google federation failing

I've been spending some time getting the Microsoft OCS2007R2 XMPP gateway working. In essence, it provides OCS users with Jabber/XMPP connectivity outside of the organisation. Nominally, we want to use it to connect to Google, so GTalk/gmail/googlemail users. We could of course use it to connect to others via stds based XMPP, users etc.... Continue Reading →

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