Comparing Cucimoc 8.0(1) to 7.1.x

Cucimoc 7.1.x was and is a decent product for the feature set it offers, but as of the beginning of June 2010, Cisco have released Cucimoc 8.0(1).
There are some significant differences between the 2 products.

  • Cucimoc 8 no longer uses the TabUrl area to display the applet/pane, instead it ‘bolts’ itself to the bottom of the screen, like this: Excellent improvement.
  • TabUrl can now be set to a unc file share or URL to a centrally held config (strictly speaking you could do this in 7, but cucimoc had to be part of it)
  • Conversation History now displays a an alert for missed calls, with the number of them missed.
  • The options for device selection move from the OCS Tools menu, to the options button on the cucimoc pane itself, much better and quicker to get to.
  • You can now connect to MeetingPlace or Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Server -CUMS (though Meetingplace Express won’t work for me, the notes show Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express VT 2.0 is supported) from within cucimoc.
  • Place and receive video calls, with greater video support not only from the front pane, with ability to answer as video or voice only from the prompt.

  • You can also connect through to Voicemail and Visual Voicemail, this is essentially done using IMAP.
  • The park feature which I had some trouble with in 7, works perfectly in 8.

Windows 7 support is there for 32 bit, but there is still a Q2/2011 being suggested on some Cisco documents for full 64 bit support. However, the release notes suggest support for 64 bit already being there with the exception stating [On 64-bit editions of Windows 7, you cannot use video when you have Cisco UC Integration for Microsoft Office Communicator set to use your desk phone for phone calls.] (pg8 Table6)
That said, I have it working on 64 bit, on both version 7.1.x and 8.0, but drag and drop calling would not initially work on 7.1.x. This seems common based on the technet msg boards having similar questions. We have got it working however by installing both the x86 and x64 C++ 2008 redistributable packages. I will continue to work on this, as it’s a little messy. In addition to this, more testing shows that on 64 bit versions it’s best to install using the .exe rather than the .msi as it has C++ and .Net as bundled stubs.

The release notes can be found here:
The Installation Guide can be found here:

Annoyances? Well, maybe just 1 or 2 🙂 . If you use extension mobility (EM) and login to an alternate deskphone you get an alert message saying you have selected an unknown device. This happens in either version 7.1.x and 8.0. You get a handy little instruction to go the the Communicator menu, Tools ->Select device. However in version 8, they have moved the ‘select device’ to the options tab on the cuci pane, it’s just that the alert message still says the exact same thing… a little QA missing.
It can also be a little sluggish on low bandwidth/dsl links (phone call pop; login etc)
Finally, on a few XPSP3 installs I see this when I use alt-tab to flick between apps. Again, poor QA.

Lastly, the voicemail feature, it changes your voicemail icon to be red when you have voicemail, nice, but, it is slow to react, and doesn’t extinguish until there is a state change (i.e hard phone to softphone switch etc)

All that said, I like it, just want to tweak a few more bits.

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  1. Hello, I’m trying to install Cucimoc version 8 and we are having such a hard time in getting the cucimoc window to “bolt” itself to the OCS window. The installation guides for version 8 don’t mention anything about TabURL and based on your findings it doesn’t look like it’s used anymore. We use group policy and the app installs just fine when we turn group policy off but the moment we turn group policy on we can no longer install and see the cucimoc window in OCS.

    Do you have this running with a group policy? Do you still use the TabURL? Any advice would be appreciated.



    1. When I very first loaded cucimoc8 it took AGES to load, to the point where I’d decided it wasn’t going to work and I went to get a drink. When I came back it had loaded.
      I’ve not experienced an issue where it won’t bolt on though, which OS are you running?
      When cucimoc is running, you should see 4 processes running, communicator (obvious one, that’s OCS) cucsf (this does all the framework data retrieval) cucimoc (this is our boy that runs the window) and cuciwatcher (it essentially restarts cucimoc if it crashes/fails – i’m not sure I love cuciwatcher anymore but more later)

      Check to see what you have running after a clean install/reboot. You can see them in Task Manager, processes.
      What version of .NET have you got installed? What version of C++ redistributable do you have install ? Did you have cuci7 working beforehand? Did you install over the top (I’ve done it, worked fine) ? How did you install it .exe or .msi ?

      I have these 2 installed .NET 3.5 SP1; C++ 2005 version 8.0.59193.

      I had a little trouble getting it to work on x64 for the boss at home, in the end I used the .exe that cisco offer and that worked perfectly (it has the .NET and C++ stubs built in) For mass deply, msi is easier, but sometimes you’ve got to go back to the .exe bundle.

      cucimoc in theory doesn’t even need communicator as such, I killed off communicator somehow yesterday and got a little pop up that said cucimoc was now running in isolation. it was almost pointless, but shows it should run almost regardless of OCS.

      Let me know, happy to help.



  2. We finally got it fixed. Turns out that there was something corrupt in the OCS install. Did a simple repair process and we are back up and running. We changed quite a few settings via GPO when we first installed it so that probably had something to do with it. Now to try out the custom phone states and video. 🙂


  3. Issue1.
    You get a handy little instruction to go the the Communicator menu, Tools ->Select device. However in version 8, they have moved the ‘select device’ to the options tab on the cuci pane.

    on a few XPSP3 installs I see this when I use alt-tab to flick between apps.

    On issue2 on current release using the powertoys for windows alt tab tools, solves the problem.

    Both these issues are resolved in upcoming 8.0(3) release of cucimoc, Due in Early-Mid september


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