Sun STK 6140 firmware upgrade

On Saturday we jumped from 06.xx.xx.xx software to the latest 07 software (crystal). We had done a lot of preparation for this event, including practical stuff like vmotioning hosts to alternate storage (even local) and checking backups (repeatedly!). There was also the less practical stuff like talking about it/worrying about it etc.. hot air.

Some pre-requisites:
* Multi-path software: rdac is only supported on 06 series firmware up to and including 06.60.xx.xx; conversely MPIO (Sun) is only supported on 06.60.xx.xx and above. You either need to use 06.60 as an intermediate firmware or plan to migrate your Windows hosts from rdac to mpio on the day. Practically, I opted for MPIO in advance (it worked, but isn’t supported)
* VMWare: Only 3.5Update5 and above is supported.
* Array: Configuration- save; Profile- save; Full Support capture- save. The array has to be ‘green’
* Backups: Make sure they work!

When you move to 07.xx.xx.xx there is a VMWARE host region created. It’s recommended that you move your host regions from linux to this new VMWARE zone. However before you do this, you need to delete all the access volumes (LUN 31), if you do all out-of-band management you do not need them in any case (for any host region), but in band or not, with the new firmware you don’t need these luns to run scripts etc for VMWare communication/management. Most importantly when you use the VMWARE host region they cause VMWARE problems. VMWare attempts to mount them etc.
Remember, the HBA’s on the servers that have VMWARE on them would have used a LINUX host region and hence the LINUX HBA recommended settings – you now use the VMWARE settings which are mostly to leave everything as default (with Update5 and beyond)

Make the host region change BEFORE you bring your array back online, making this change whilst VMWare hosts are attached will cause a VMWare failure and at worst could result in data loss.

Go into Santricity, locate the mappings view, expand your hosts group for VMWARE and right-click on each host. Select Change Host region, select VMWARE.

Now go ahead, connect the array.
I opted to fire up VMWare hosts, check them, and then Windows. We then put each VMWare host through a maintenance reboot for good measure.

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    1. Hi Dan,

      VMWare discovers all volumes and wants to ‘encapsulate’ all it finds, each time you do a refresh on the storage adapters, it will try to do this. LUN 31 or the UTM or Access volume is reserved for the in-band management client as a means to communicate with the array. It’s not used if you manage via IP or out-of-band.

      If VMware region has this lun discovered it causes problems with the writes and any further discoveries in future. This means ANY new volumes may not be found.

      Also, there is no management client for VMWare so any VMWare host group/host mapping that is created for this region will not create a UTM but if you previously had VMware using the Linux host region, Linux does have a SANtricity client so it would create a UTM.

      The main problem you could see on an array that changes from Linux to VMWare is the inability to add any new volumes to VMWare.

      I’ve no specific reference material I can offer you. All of this stuff is pretty much ‘black arts’ to some degree. One of my reasons for starting to publish this stuff is to offer what little I know to others.


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