Modifying or clearing Sun STK DACstore on foreign disks

This procedure only works for 06.xx code running on the controllers, and is intended for Santricity users.

You are not clearing the DACstore so much as you are removing the foreign one to add the correct one of the receiving subsystem. The effect is the same, you can use the foreign disk.

1.       In the source subsystem, locate the non-data (unassigned) disks you wish to transfer and remove them one at a time with approx. two minutes between each. If the array is off, just remove them.
2.       In the target subsystem, locate a hot spare of equivalent spec/size etc
3.       In SANtricity, fail the hot spare.
4.       Remove it from the tray, wait a minute or so.
5.       Place the ‘foreign’ disk into the hot spare slot, wait for the system to settle and mark it as hot spare. (Santricity can lag behind actual events)
6.       Unassign it as a hot spare.
7.       Reassign it as a hot spare.
8.       Install the previous disk from this slot in a desired unassigned slot within this subsystem
9.       Repeat steps 2 through 8 for all disk to be installed in this target subsystem
10.       When the last disk is done, leave it as the hot spare.

For 7.x firmware subsystems it is different for adding ‘foreign’ disks as they could be from 6.x or 7.x firmware subsystems. (to follow)

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  1. Hi Luke, very interesting post. Helped me to get quite a few used disks back in our environment. I am very eager to read the procedure for v7 storage controller firmware, any chance this can be published?



    1. thanks for the feedback, there aren’t many people in the world still caring about the 6000series stuff 🙂 I’ll have a look at v7, in hindsite it might not be as different.


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