LCS 2005 Standard to OCS2007R2 Standard: Part 2 – Groundwork

What follows is my rough guide ad thought process for upgrading LCS2005 to 2007R2 I’ve got less than 500 users and for cost savings, i am going for a Standard edition installation

I haven’t written this set of bloags as a ‘how to install’ as such, but my hope is it will smooth the way. More specifically, I’m thinking of it as a case example of an uplift in version.

Before you start, go and download the documentation from microsoft here

My recommendation as the doc to start things with is ‘Migrating to Office Communications Server 2007 R2 from Live Communications Server 2005.doc’ [ 344 KB, Published May2009]
I found this to be an excellent overview with detailed descriptions. I will refer to this document most of all.

I like to assemble all the bits and pieces I’ll need before I start. These can range from an actual server, (don’t laugh, many a project has stalled when you get a sudden gasp when you ask where the server is) licence cals for server and users, install media and any KB patches I might need.

My shopping list is:

  1. Windows 2008 R1 (R2 isn’t currently supported, in our lab it worked ok, but we had some problems)
  2. OCS 2007R2 Media
  3. LCSSP1; All kb patches; LCS 2005 Resource kit
  4. Domain CA (capable of issuing SAN certs)

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