Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

I have had sporadic involvement with CRM systems over the years, from basic public folder stuff to big full blown offerings. They all have faults and you get out of them what you put into them, however that’s not exactly what this post is about.

Over the past few months, my phone has been ringing almost constantly, companies wanting to come  and see me, sell me stuff (I don’t want) etc. They all play voicemail bingo with me now, I have little choice else I’d get nothing else done! At least once a day I answer an unknown call. Now a month or 2 back I had a call from a well known SAN solutions company wanting to come in and show me ‘the power of what they do’ I reluctantly put a 30 min appointment in my diary as it was SAN and I might learn something. Not a day went by when I had someone else from the very same company (and as it turned out the next desk) ring me and try to book the same type of introduction appointment.

I explained that someone had called me the day before, and gave the chaps name (this is when they turned to each other to have the muffled ‘oh F*ck’ conversation across desks) I then explained, well I tried, to this guy what an awful impression that gave me as the customer, and I’m no longer interested to hear what their clearly disorganised organisation has to say. The original bloke then rings up to smooth things over and argues with me that I’m not being fair. I’m being fair, harsh, but fair. I leave it there

Yesterday I get a call from another security penentration testing company, again, I decide to allow 30 mins. This morning I get a call from another person from the same company… I explain again how this ruins my faith and perception of the organisation.. she then tells me the other guy doesn’t work for them. I explain I have his contact details, his phone number is no more than 2 trailing digits different from hers. “No, you are mistaken, nobody of that name (says it out loud) works here… sorry?…. 1 moment Mr Darby… *muffled is that him??!*…”

I hung up.

Am I being unfair?


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