Storage market continuous change

The storage market has to be the most unsettled it's been in years. The wide variety of storage vendors, with good independents is a shrinking landscape. The power plays and buy outs makes for some very careful decisions if you're about to buy storage. My short advice is be careful and if you can..wait it out.

It made me laugh

In a departure from the usual serious nature of this blog... I've been going on and on about CUCIMOC in the office, so a colleague sent me this to lift my mood 🙂

Compellent Licencing

I wanted a little more clarity on the licencing model as a few folk in the team had already got confused over the '96 drive' break point. The compellent system scales from 6 to 1008 disk drives. The licencing cut off point is 96 active drives. The licences Compellent charge for: 1. Data Progression (Block... Continue Reading →

Check the basics

You live and learn, my Dad always said it to me as a kid. As ever, it's true. I'd spent an annoying 2 hours last night going over and over settings of an OCS Edge server, I'd re-run the setup, and found nothing to modify/add/change, I'd checked certificates a couple of times. Reboots of clients... Continue Reading →

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