Check the basics

You live and learn, my Dad always said it to me as a kid. As ever, it’s true. I’d spent an annoying 2 hours last night going over and over settings of an OCS Edge server, I’d re-run the setup, and found nothing to modify/add/change, I’d checked certificates a couple of times. Reboots of clients and servers, eventually at risk of missing my last train out of town, I left it.

I wanted to get Communicator on Windows mobile working, and external Communicator working for our travelling staff who often vpn back to just get email and OCS.

Today, fresh eyes, I went through the event viewer to spot anything, and noticed that my external client had skipped through sipinternal. ; sip. and sipexternal. Hang on, I know I’d configured a record for sip. Ping goes nowhere!! How basic. Check DNS, can’t spot it, but as I turn my head away I see it, my sip entry is a CNAME for a real server A record, and there is the extra ‘i’ in our domain suffix. Take it out, small delay for DNS propogation and tada.. Communicator on my mobile over 3G working.

Small details… small details…

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