Exchange 2007 Store won’t mount: So more logging?!

This morning I had a log drive fill up on me. That’s my fault, it’s a DR system and should be cyclic logging, but.. wasn’t.

So not much I can do but try and stick it in cyclic logging and fire it up. I’ve got 2 stores on this server, so I put 1 of them in cyclic, the other I just mounted for the time being (I’d made space)

The non cyclic store mounts, great. The other store once requested to mount appears to do nothing… all i notice is ‘tasking running’ in the footer bar. Hmm, so I look in event viewer… entries about the other store mounting, but nothing else. ODD.

I ask it to mount again, the footer bar increments to ‘2 tasks running…’  then I get a pop up window with an error:

Exchange is unable to mount the database that you specified. Specified database: <SERVER-NAME>Storage GroupMailboxDatabase; Error code: MapiExceptionBusy: Unable to mount database. (hr=0x8004010b, ec=-2147221237)

I start googling and everyone says “start the System Attendant”. I’ve already got 1 store mounted, if the SA was down I couldn’t have mounted that…. No help there.

Again, event viewer… nothing. This is daft. I sit there for a while then I decided to actually check the number of files to see if it’s playing logs in, first properties on the folder, 201,875 files, give it a minute or 2 195,074 files. Wicked! a clue at last, it’s replaying the logs. Thanks Microsoft, thanks for the event that says StoreXYZ is replaying logs…really would that have been so hard!

I did all this to myself, but just a little entry in event viewer would have left me informed and clued up, instead I get bog all in events and an error that has little relevance. I’d have been happier if it has said ‘bog off I’m doing as asked’. Glad it was DR and not live, saved me a verbal hair drying 😉

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  1. Luke, I just felt the same pain. Your post let me keep my sanity. Just gave it time to eat up the logs and all is well. Thanks Microsoft!


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