Contracts.. Budgets.. Quotations..

I've had a bit of a week of all the above. Cap-ex for me is relatively straight forward, what kit do I need to buy to fulfil my project commitments over the next year and what can I predict needs replacement or an upgrade. It's a little time consuming, waiting for quotes to come back,... Continue Reading →

Email Disaster Recovery

I spend a lot of time thinking about mail DR, it's part of my job, but I find the differing approaches very interesting. The company I work for makes use of Cemaphore Mailshadow Server, an excellent enterprise level product, but I'd admit not all that cheap to run (both in terms of purchase cost, but... Continue Reading →

New Year… new thinking

New decade, new Blog. It's been an ambition of mine to put my thoughts and experiences down for a wider audience. I often find that my facebook entries are longer than they should be, and that I have more to say on some subjects. Also, I wanted a forum for making entries about projects I... Continue Reading →

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