Email Disaster Recovery

I spend a lot of time thinking about mail DR, it’s part of my job, but I find the differing approaches very interesting. The company I work for makes use of Cemaphore Mailshadow Server, an excellent enterprise level product, but I’d admit not all that cheap to run (both in terms of purchase cost, but also infrastructure cost) Cemaphore have a ‘cloud’ based solution as that is the way this part of the industry is drifting these days.

Whilst surfing around tonight I came across this product. What caught my eye was it’s use of Zimbra. I’ve always had a soft spot for Zimbra, it’s a fantastic product, which started life as a free open source product and has developed into the full blown offering they have now. The free version is still available for download, though I’d recommend reading the T&C before thinking about deploying it.
I like the premise behind the Flexbox Emergency Mail, it’s completely seamless fail over with no administrative intervention to flip between 2 systems. On the downside it too doesn’t look cheap, but for a bullet proof way of protecting email I like the premise.
Combine the industry standard solution of Microsoft Exchange with Zimbra and its open source grounding.

I’m off to check it out in closer detail.

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