Contracts.. Budgets.. Quotations..

I’ve had a bit of a week of all the above. Cap-ex for me is relatively straight forward, what kit do I need to buy to fulfil my project commitments over the next year and what can I predict needs replacement or an upgrade. It’s a little time consuming, waiting for quotes to come back, then bartering, poker face and generally kicking vendors into the best price. I kind of enjoy that, it’s cut and dried, I want that, but I want to pay less than you want for it….discuss šŸ™‚

Op-ex… oi vey. The key to Op-ex is keeping good records, I always think I keep good records, then I go to renewĀ or slightly modify a maintenance contract and I find what I believe to be truth, the manufacturer thinks is fictional nonsense.

My particular problem child this week is SAN maintenance. SAN’s get added to, upgraded etc over time, it’s the nature of the beast, more disk, bigger disk, faster processors etc. As you add more trays of disk etc, you need to make sure you add them to the right maintenance contract.
The way the company has purchased space over the years has been organic with many people chipping in, and in some cases not taking care of the full picture. The overall result is about 8 different service contracts across 4 arrays with termination periods stacked all over the place, differing cover levels (SLA) etc.
Luckily I have spent time compiling snippets of data from all over the business, and I am now in the process of making all these contracts into 1 coterminous contract.
This will give usĀ a singleĀ reference point, a predictable annual maintenance figure andĀ one service level.

The moral of the tale is take care of this stuff at the time of purchase, when you still have the cheque and the vendors undivided attention. Getting attention once they have their money will always be a challenge, these people work on commission! Then keep records (PO numbers, quotes, serial numbers, dates, contract numbers, dates, SLA’s etc) Stick it all in a folder at least, or something like SharePoint and keep it updated. It all amounts to long term money savings, and your own personal sanity šŸ˜‰

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