LCS 2005 Standard to OCS2007R2 Standard: Part 5 Moving LCS to the Configuration container

When OCS2007R2 installs, the default container for global settings in the configuration container in AD, whereas your LCS installation was put into the System container of the root domain. Again the document highlights all the reasons for this, but essentially for co-existence and speed, you will need to move your LCS settings from their current home in the System container over to Configuration.
Microsoft have kindly provided a terrifying script to do this for you. The script tool is availble to download here  The msi extracts to a MigrateOCS folder on your chosen drive.
Now you come to what I affectionately call the 8 steps of doom. Most critically, please be aware that once you’ve got to an completed the final step, which deletes the LCS configuration from its old home, you can no longer install LCS servers into your domain. In theory you could re-prep the domain etc, but I tried on a test domain, it goes horribly wrong. So, once you do the last step (8) there is no going back.
AND.. you must complete the last step before continuing to the proceeding steps which extend the schema, the schema version you are on is 1007, and extending the schema to OCS 2007R2 will make this version increment to 1008. The script has a schema version check in it, which will deny you with the following message:

Schema Major Version: 1008

This tool only supports schema major version up to 1007

Each of the 8 steps is detailed in the doc, you’d do well to read through it. A few of the steps had me confused in syntax terms, I’d have loved an example, so I’ve included mine here: LCS-VBS.txt Included in here is what you will see if you upgrade the schema and then try to perform tha last step (8)

Okay, so, that’s AD, LCS, schema all ready for our OCS install.

Note: IF you’re daft enough to not run step 8 (deleting the old 2005 system info with the script) you CAN go into ADSIEdit and bin it yourself. I can see no reason for doing it retrospectively, BUT, I offer this advice with no guarantee of success of without warning of extensive damage to your directory db. I did it (in test) I know it works… BE WARNED, there must be reason for Microsoft checking versions.

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