In the Press

Just a couple of entries where I’ve featured in white papers or testimonials for products.

Cemaphore Mailshadow:

Great product for completely replicating your live Exchange mailbox server to a completely autonomous mailbox server at another location. The main thing that sold me on this product was it’s reliance on mapi to retrieve mail for replication and the complete abscence of any server based software. This should stand out as a real bonus to anyone who has ever had to involve Microsoft support in a fault, they will insist on you removing any 3rd party prodcuts before they help. Check it out here.

My Cemaphore Case Study

Websense (formerly Blackspider):

Hosted email filtering has been around for a while. I went through a lengthy selection process before selecting Websense. I had all the vendors clammering to get Capital’s business as there is most certainly a cachet in having Capital’s name on your books. Blackspider had that extra something, they were small and willing to listen (unlike the vendor of default choice).

They made certain changes that were crucial to our implementation, that are now part of their suite, and tailored our solution to fit us, not the other way around.

I have completed numerous migrations, and gone through a few company mergers and disposals, and Websense were pivotal in making all of these happen, to the extent that 3rd party vendors were amazed at what we could achieve with minimal fuss and intervention. All of this is possible via the online portal, it is extremely powerful and totally in the control of the administrator. Check out their offering here.

My Blackspider Case Study

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